Jebel Hash House Harriers

Hashing in Muscat since 1985

                                                    Relay Marathon - 19th January

Current team in a state of flux.

More teams of six comprising 4 hashers + 2 harrietes required.

Each member expected to complete 7km, (EEZY PEEZY)

            NOTIFICATIONS FOR 2018

 Bahrain Hash

Hey Hashers!! The Bahrain Hash Camp is back again!! The date is set for Friday, the 9th of February, 2018! so get all your camping gear ready!!

This year, you will have to pay BD 15 for non members or BD 10 for anyone who signs up to be a member of the Bahrain H3!

What do you get?! well.. you will get to do some hashing out by the tree of life! there will be dinner! drinks will be all around! then a hangover hash in the early morning! we are also gunna try to sort you out with some awesome haberdashery!

Our annual (anal) campout is always an awesome time! it is child and pet friendly but that wont stop us hashers from getting a little wild! there will be music!! so bring an ipod with some sweet tunes so we can put it on shuffle and have a good night!

you are more than welcome to help out the hash by bringing some extra brews!

The camp will be open from around 1pm on the 9th! so get their early and pitch your tent! we will have a great time throughout the night but we will have to be up early and out by noon on the 10th! don't forget! There is another hash on the island that runs on a saturday! so show them some love and join em for a run if you like! cant ever get enough hashing in your life!

Speak to Shut the Chuck up on the Saudi Hash if you would like to join us and you live in the magical kingdom!

Speak to Head With My Mom and the BH3 committee if you are in Bahrain!!

On On!!

 Lil’Mo’s Desert camp 

You are invited with friends and Look forward to see you on Thursday 25th or Friday 26th January 2018 at the camp site to start L/MO’s Desert challenge trip around 1000hrs from the camp site. 

Directions is attached for more clarification:-

Don’t hesitate to contact Little MO’s on Mobile number (+971506441544 & +971556441544). 

Hares, RA are needed for the FRIDAY HASH



Pre camp Thursday 25th Jan.2018

Camping site open                                                    1200Hrs. 

Fix Tents, around the fire till early morning

 Friday 26th Jan.2018

Watch morning arrival                                              0500Hrs

Watch morning departure                                         0700Hrs

Hot Tea/coffee++                                                     0730Hrs.

Start Safari trip around                                              1000Hrs  

Back to campsite around                                           1630Hrs

Run start                                                                  1830Hrs  

Dinner                                                                      1930Hrs

By the fire                                                                 2000Hrs 

Circle, run report, RA                      

May be some Songs &

Hash acts


Saturday 27th Jan.2018

Shower and Breakfast start                                        0830Hrs

Free day, back to home                                             2000Hrs

End of Event                                              

Final and Confirmed Direction to L/Mo H3 Night walk 16th  and 17th  March (CAMP SITE & AND MEETING POINT):



-Take exit 19 for E61 toward AL Ruwayyah /Al Sharjah /Al Dhiad

-650 Meter keep left at the fork, follow signs for DXB Airport/Al Ruwayyah/Al Sharjah /E61/AL Dhiad

-800 meters Keep right, 1KM turn left 230 Meters turn Left 2.4KM at point


Or you can copy the following coordinates on google map which will lead you to the campsite easily.

Co-ordinates – 25.101917, 55.417561


Camp site will open Friday afternoon 2 ’o clock or anytime you wish to come /Thursday night if somebody wants to camping.

There will be Hash Dinner at the campsite and Drink & BBQ through the night walk. Tea, coffee and breakfast Saturday morning.

Looking forward to hear from you all.


For more details don’t hesitate to contact me on mobile : +971506441544